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Friday, December 12, 2008

Extending Your Territory

“There is a destiny that makes us brothers;
None goes his way alone.
All that we send
into the lives of others;
Comes back into our own”

According to the web definition the word NETWORK means “an interconnected system of things or people". To have an interconnection to all the bloggers around the world is the main reason why I built this blog. I anticipated a way where I can connect with them and so they can also connect with each other. Networking is one way to help your business grow. It is a way of extending your territory in the business world. As a new blogger, I am into extending my own territory and i would encourage you to do the same.

This blog is created for all bloggers all over the world who would want to create a network to each other mainly through linking. Wherever you are and whatever your race is we can relate and link to each other. I have thought of this as a good way to promote and connect each other's blogs in order to increase traffic and page rank of your website or blog to a good profit. Let's then build an unending string that would tie and attach us all together.
Please don't hesitate to join me with this network as we set another step forward in this online business world. Just submit your name and url then on message box type your country first the link of your website or blog again in the shoutbox that you will see below so it will be added on the list. Please bear with me as I am still working on it.


NAME        COUNTRY            URL

Pammyboo Philippines         Christine Canada           William USA                                    Aristotle Panonian New Zealand                    PC Success USA                                      010081 Nepal                                                    Mr. Ozay Indonesia                                   Gautier France                                            Argentum Brazil                                     Islandhopper Philippines                         Kankaro Philippines                                  Anirban Roy India                                   Joliveira Portugal                                    Alternative Weight Loss USA                                                      Anonymous Indonesia